Social pedagogical principles

Educational guidance

Educational guidance

Our positive, resource-oriented human image guides us in every educational situation. Targeted support, creativity and reliability are cornerstones of our actions. Our focus is on the child. It is our most important task to create an atmosphere of encouragement, security and well-being for the child in our creche.

In the first phase of life the child lays the foundations for their healthy development: Emotional stability, fun learning activities, loss and anxiety processing form prerequisites for this.

Our Teachers are aware of their responsibilities as companions of this important life phase and are concerned with the cognitive, emotional and physical needs of the individual child.

The child needs an environment to be able to unfold his/her personality in order to develop independent, critical thinking and to find creative ways of expression. In the creche, the child learns to share his / her living space, build relationships, conduct social behavior and find their own place in the community.

It is important to us that the children are free to develop freely, but that they also have clear limits. Structured and unstructured activities are designed to provide support. The children learn to respect people, animals and nature. Openness for one's own culture and for other cultures is encouraged.

When dealing with the children, it is important for us to adopt every child as a self-sufficient personality.We lay great importance to an everyday life that meets the individual wishes and needs of the individual child. We have designed the living space for the children in our creche in such a way that they are accepted and promoted according to their abilities and skills.



Development of personality

We provide a pleasant atmosphere, provide security, warmth and sincerity.We strive for a cooperative style of education and see the child as a partner who is guided and promoted.We perceive the child as a separate individual, go to his or her own needs, let his or her own experiences accumulate and pay attention to a holistic development.

The children are cared for without any pressure. Eating should be a joy and it is important that children eat everything else is less important. When the children are tired, they can sleep, there is no compulsion to sleep. Personel hygiene as well as brushing teeth should not become a procedure, but a pleasurable experience. We do not accept or participate in any form of physical and psychological punishments of any kind.

Working with you as parents is important to us. Many different events take place in our daily routine. We experience your child very closely. We are glad to tell you about it and also to solve difficulties together with you. Therefore, it is important that you provide us with information or changes so that we can understand your child better. Through an open door policy and transparent routines we work with you as parents fort he best of your loved ones.


In the Mini Meadows creche, great emphasis is placed on healthy, balanced and varied diet. We are supplied by an external catering company, which provides lunch for the children. Our catering uses local and seasonal products.

Snack (in between meals) consist of vegetables and fruits and all baby porridges are prepared in the creche. The nutrition of infants is especially important to us, so we offer organic porridges for the babies.