Childcare team and philosophy

Kirsty Matthews-Künzi (1982), Inhaberin & Montessori Lehrerin

Kirsty Matthews-Künzi (1982), Inhaberin & Montessori Lehrerin

I was born in Scotland and at a young age moved to South Africa. I spend 14 years in South Africa where I did all my schooling.

I came to Switzerland in 2001 where I worked as an au-pair for 2 years. In 2003 I got married and started studying Montessori.

I have the Montessori teacher diploma for 0-3 years as well as the 3-6 years.  After finishing my Montessori studies, I started the Swiss Early Childhood Educator. I have also completed other courses such as coaching, team management, self-management, Montessori leader,”Berufsbilderin”. 

In 2007 I decided to open up Meadows Montessori and in 2010 I added the second kindergarten group and the crèche.

My idea and vision of why I opened up Meadows was and still is... every child deserves a good start in life it shouldn’t cost an arm and a leg to give children a good start in life. 10 years down the line, I still believe in this.

In 2012 my first daughter was born and in 2014 my second daughter was born. And now more than ever I support my belief as I want to give my children and every other child the best that they can possible have. I love working with children, seeing how they progress

and learn, I believe they are our future and we should help them do the best they possible can. My one favorite quote is:


“the best teachers are those who show you where to look, but don’t tell you what to see.”

And I truly believe and teach by the famous Montessori quote of “help to do it myself”.

Anja Kratter (1995), Co-Gruppenleiterin

Anja Kratter (1995), Co-Gruppenleiterin

My name is Anja Kratter, I am 21 years old and live in Niederhasli. In my spare time I spend a lot of time with friends and reading books. Sports and exercising are very important to me; I go jogging and to the gym.

I feel a lot of pleasure and appreciation for the diversified situations that I encounter in everyday life. My emphatic, appreciative and joyful personality brings a smile to everyone's faces.

In nursery school in Zurich, I was given the opportunity to experience a one-year internship, which invoked my enthusiasm to work with children. To accompany, to support and to see the children grow and develop inspires me every day.

Meanwhile I have already experienced two very nice years here at Mini Meadows and now the third and last year of the apprenticeship awaits me. I feel very comfortable here and am proud to be part of the team. I acquire my knowledge at the “Fachschule” in Winterthur and at external courses in the city of Zurich. The training contains many interesting and instructive topics, which I am able to immediately implement.


"It is important not to change children, but to understand and accept them in their peculiarities and singularities"


Michélle Roth (1996), Miterzieherin

Michélle Roth (1996), Miterzieherin

Ich heisse Michélle Roth, bin 21 Jahre alt und wohne in Wallisellen. Nach meiner obligatorischen Schulzeit konnte ich in einer Kinderkrippe ein 2-jähriges Praktikum und anschliessend meine Ausbildung zur Fachfrau Betreuung Kind absolvieren, welche ich erfolgreich abgeschlossen habe.

Meine Freizeit verbringe ich am liebsten mit meinen Freunden und meinem langjährigen Partner. Seit 2017 bin ich Mitglied eines Tennisclubs in Rümlang. Es liegt mir viel daran, die Welt zu bereisen und von fremden Kulturen zu lernen.

Da ich eine wertschätzende, emphatische und offene Persönlichkeit bin, schätze ich die Arbeit mit Kindern und ihren Eltern sehr. Es erfüllt mich mit Freude mitanzusehen, wie sich ein Kind entwickelt und entfaltet.


"Wir müssen uns darauf einstellen, die verborgenen Wunder im Kinde zu sehen und ihm helfen, sie zu entfalten“

Maria Montessori

Ana, extra help

Ana, extra help

I was born in 1988 in Equatorial Guinea a country in central Africa. At the age of 10 , I moved to Spain, where I did all of my schooling. I did an apprenticeship of Finance and then on to my Bachelor of Economics in Madrid.

In February 2017 I moved to Switzerland to be with my boyfriend. After 5 months of being here in Switzerland, I have started German course and have joined Meadows Montessori. This is where I will continue my journey working with children. I have a lot of hands on experience and I am excited to learn more every day.

One of the many quotes that I love the most is:

“Tell me something and I will forget, teach me and I`ll remember it, involve me and I’ll learn it.”

For me children have an enormous potential that makes them little miracles and we need to keep helping them, showing them the way and guiding them, for them to reach that potential.